Saturday, September 16, 2017

Saffola - Apne Tareeke Se Push, Toh Dil Khush

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Being healthy and fit isn’t a fad or trend, It’s a life Style. I am sure you all agree with me on this point. I believe that greatest gift I can give my family is being healthy. Being healthy is a greatest challenge in today’s fast moving life. I personally feel that when we avoid certain things or problems in life, it takes control on you, so face the problem or situation or the challenges thrown on you ,so that you can have control over them and can achieve what you desire in life.

It reminds me of a small story or an episode from Mahabharata. Where Krishna and Balarama going to the forest and by then the sun had already set and could not continue their journey. So they decided to stay back, Krishna came up with the proposal that,” I will sleep and you keep watching me, whenever you feel sleepy you wake me up and I keep watching so that we will be safe”. Balarama who kept loitering, encounter a Monster in the forest and the monster screamed at Balarama and Balarama who was shaken up my the monster, shrunk by size and monster become bigger. This continue for some time and monster became bigger and bigger, made Balarama fainted. Krishna woke up and saw Balarama lying on the floor didn’t realize that he  actually fainted and started walking to and fro ,also encountered with same monster who screamed at Krishna, Krishna didn’t perturbed by him, asked him what does he wants, monster again screamed and Krishna again asked “what do you want” this made monster smaller and smaller to an extent that Krishna lifted him and kept in this pocket. The monster here is all the challenges we face in life. When we avoid what you must face ,it becomes bigger than you and take control over you. So face what we must face and take control over it.

My challenge is to keep myself fit and healthy in this hectic and busy schedule. Instead of avoiding it and ignoring it ,I have decided to face it and work on it.
When I heard this story I was self-motivated and realized that love yourself enough to live a healthy life style. My way of being healthy is
  • ·         Be happy
  • ·         Be positive
  • ·         Be yourself
Eat healthy and eat small. As we don’t go out and eat much , so it is important for us to spend and select the oil which is “THE BEST” without compromising on my families health and mine too. I am joining Saffola #ApneTareekeSeHealthy initiative and sharing my ways of being healthy in association with BlogAdda.

Any kind of exercise is better than no exercise at all” so I make it a point to take out some time to go for a nature walk, that makes me energetic and helps me in sole searching. Playing any physical game with my children also make me happy and active.


Monday, December 21, 2015

When life is at Stake

Critical care medicine in India faces multiple challenges, including manpower crunches and infection control, Yet it is playing a crucial role in saving many lives. Critical care medicine has evolved as a specialty in India only recently. Initially what used to be a clinical-based specialty has now become taken more advanced and technology driven.
There are around 60,000 ICU in the country, but have less than 2,500 intervene they care for is admitted in ICU. Even patients have unpleasant memories of an intensive care unit where there are more machines than human beings.
Do you know two of three ICU patients develop delirium, delirium is a confusional state which is generally caused my mental or physical illness and you may see or hear things that do not exist.
Just think, why should a patient be taken away from his near and dear ones and sent to a place when they are critically ill? The answer is ,patients who are physiologically unstable require continuous close monitoring so that immediate treatment can be given. Serious conditions like severe infections, respiratory, cardiac or multi-organ failure require ICU care.
How to fill the gaps in manpower?, is the biggest question. The Indian Institute of Science has come up with mannequins with advanced features to help medical students learn various procedures in a critical care unit. These mannequins has human like features like blood vessels , palpable pulse, chest rise and stomach distension.
Now a days the main challenge of any hospital is how to control infection in intensive care.The main focus of the program is to teach protocol for controlling infections, there are guidelines like how to wash hands and prevent cross contamination. There is a high rise in sepsis in India and the main cause is unhygienic hospitals. Study say that sepsis is bigger killer than cancer and AIDS put together.
Cost is the major factor when it comes to critical care, it is expensive because of the need for more nurses and doctors per patient in order to provide optimal care. The other reasons are expensive equipment, disposables, medicines and he need for repeated investigations.
Despite of all these challenges, critical care units in India have been able to save many lives.
So we all need to be optimistic and have full faith in our health care system.


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Integrated Care

Integrated care ensures that all relevant specialties are available under one roof. Multi-disciplinary consults involving discussions amongst various specialists take place and result in a comprehensive treatment plan. This can be made possible, only when all the concerned doctors come together as a team to diagnose and treat patients with combined effort and diligence. The aim of integrated Care is to provide best possible care to their patients.The concept of integrated care is not new, in fact, the well known Kidney Transplant Program at Columbia has shown the benefits. The donor and the recipient have a protocol by which they have multiple consultations with different specialists in the shortest possible time.

Any Integrated care given to a patients should be based upon evidence. Therefore hospitals should be constantly innovating and reviewing outcomes. Generally Specialists meet formally once a week and share their opinions with an intention of providing the patients a disease-free health. These opinions are based on evidence-based medicine and decisions taken at these meets have the wholehearted support of the experts involved in treating patients.

The success of integrated care is measured on the quality of care provided to the patients. This is done though patients surveys, clinical outcome and well defined care quality indicators. There is a constant auditing of practices against bench marked standards that form the basis of clinical governance.

According to WHO definition "Integrated Care is a concept bringing together inputs, delivery, management and organization of services related to diagnosis, treatment, care, rehabilitation and health promotion. Integration is a means to improve services in relation to access, quality, user satisfaction and efficiency.